Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Fun Street Fight Routine

MMA Classic Side Turning Kick Knockout

Another Victim of the Reverse Hooking Kick, Knockout

He got drawn in by that fake/failed hooking kick, then opponent tried it again and got em the second time...right on the button.

Watch This Quick Knockout

What a fast reverse hooking/back kick, right on target.....

Monday, February 14, 2011

No guard equals Broken Noses

Although i am only a 5th gup in Tae Kwon do, i have trained in Wing Chun Do, Shotokan, practiced boxing with my Father, hockey fights and other fights in uncontrolled environments (lol). and by the way have been knocked out...

You have to keep your guard up...You are not Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee.

There are countless videos of Tae Kwon do students sparring with their hands down at their waist.

You can protect your head alot better if your hands are up...Just watch and see...every single one, bam right in the face.

You have no chance of stopping a hooking kick from a Black Belt with your hands down.

Master Drysdale would not stand for this.

Speed Kicking Drill

This looks like a good drill, quick front kicks and side turning kicks, forward and back.

Some Foot work-Sparring Drills

Why do some train with no guard up?